No. 43 North Outlook Drive. Brgy. Gibraltar, Baguio City 2600

Services & Facilities

Ibdiyan Wellness Center

The Ibdiyan Wellness Center comes with a well equipped gym such as a treadmill, bike and free weights for guests who wish to maintain their fitness during their stay at Grand Sierra Pines. The Ibdiyan Wellness Center also comes with a spa and massage services for guests who wish to unwind and relax. The spa features different kinds of massages including indigenous massages that are native to the Ibalois.

Adkos Gallery

Adkos, which means decoration in Ibaloi is the hotel’s art gallery for displaying different artworks from various Filipino artists. Currently the hotel displays artworks from various national artists. Gallery exhibit subject to change.

Green Hotel

Upon the hotel’s design, it was emphasized that no tree would be cut inside the property, where it stands. The hotel was designed and built around these. In addition, a rain catcher system was installed in order to utilize rain water asrains frequent Baguio. This system, which catches rain water from the Hotel’s stensile roof is lead to a pipe starting from the elevator shaft down towards the garden area where it is treated in four phases. Once treated, water is driven back into a cistern and is used by the hotel for its daily use.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Bond with family and friends as you enjoy the Baguio weather outdoors with our spacious garden. Perfect for backyard games and small activities. Kids can also play at the nearby playground, while adults can have peace and quiet as the garden is area is surrounded by trees.